Cafe Lighting

Whatever the style or atmosphere you envision for your cafe, a key factor for achieving this will be your choice of cafe lighting. Here at ARTCRAFT, we continually update our catalog with new, quality and innovative forms of cafe lighting that you can depend on to illuminate your coffee shop in more ways than one. 

Through our regular collaborations with some of the most creative and respected lighting designers today, we continually produce specialized lighting solutions that are aligned with the best practices of today’s cafe business owners. 

Coffee Shop Lighting

The perfect choice of coffee shop lighting can help create a welcoming atmosphere and warm ambience. By complementing the interior décor of your establishment, café lighting can forge a welcoming and cozy environment for customers.

Here at ARTCRAFT, we know not all coffee shops are the same, and that’s why we strive to offer a wide variety of different coffee shop lighting solutions perfect for a range of interiors. Our multiple options of pendant lighting are perfect for counters, seating areas and entrances. This versatile lighting can either be hung individually, or in a row to help create a sense of depth using additional layers.

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