Island Lighting Fixtures

The extensive and diverse range of ARTCRAFT island lighting includes everything from traditional rustic to ultra modern styles.

Originally designed as a kitchen lighting solution, but equally suited to a dining room, hallway or bar, our island lighting fixtures are versatile and visually stunning.

Whether you are looking for a bold focal point to add style and luxury to a room, or simply wish to improve its lighting, island lighting is a versatile solution that can transform any space. With integrated adjustable cords and multiple configurations available, the ARTCRAFT range of island lighting is perfect for those looking for both style and function.

The multiple linear suspended pendants of an island lighting fixture can spread a wealth of light throughout your room or emit a radiant atmospheric glow depending on your preference.

ARTCRAFT has collaborated with a range of reputable and forward-thinking designers to create a beautiful, diverse range of luxury island lighting perfect for all types of interiors.

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