About Us


Founded on the conviction that residential lighting should provide style as well as functionality to any space, Albert Cohen and Samuel Bernstein established ARTCRAFT® in 1955. Specializing in the manufacturing of quality designs and craftsmanship at the best value is the cornerstone of our business. With an impressive catalogue boasting collaborations with such renowned designers as Steven Sabados (S&C), Kevin Kraemer, Cobistyle (Cobi Ladner), Lighting Pulse Design, and Jo Alcorn, ARTCRAFT® is the preferred choice for all your lighting needs.


Our Mission

With over 68 years of experience and an impressive ever-expanding list of satisfied clients, we deliver innovative lighting designs and artful craftsmanship that surpass expectations.

Our Core Values

Community-minded, we proudly support organizations like “Habitat for Humanity” and “United Way”.

Established by 2 families who have worked in unison for 68 years, we pride ourselves on being a family-oriented business. We value people and relationships which is why many of our employees and clients have been with the company for over 30 years.

Our Vision

With a long tradition of forward-thinking and with our entrepreneurial spirit, we strive to further develop our expertise and embrace technology to bring the lighting of the future to our clients today.


Light up your world one ARTCRAFT® design at a time.







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